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Série de webcasts do Microsoft Project

Acontecerá uma série de webcast, entre os dias 20 de outubro, amanha, e o dia 17 de maio. Os assuntos estão bem interessantes, por isso eu recomendo bastante.

Todos os webcasts terão 90 minutos de duração, acontecerão as 14:30 horário de Brasília (Já pensando no horário de verão).

Registre-se aqui para participar da série de webcast gratuitos.


  • Resource Planning: Top Down meets Bottom-up

    Tuesday, October 20th 9:30am PT
    Effective resource management is key – without it, your project stands a fair chance of floundering. Unfortunately, resources are usually over allocated and this becomes a huge pain-point in every planning session. Discover how to balance your top-down and bottom-up resource management techniques with the help of Microsoft Project.

  • What’s New in Project 2016

    Tuesday, November 17th 9:30am PT

    Project 2016 is here!  This new release delivers on some of the most requested capabilities: Resource Management, improved timelines experience, full support for Office Add-ins, Tell Me integration and more.

    During this session we will talk about Microsoft’s vision for project & portfolio management and through a series of interesting demos showcase an end-to-end PPM solution using Project Online and Project Pro for Office 365.

  • Tips and Tricks for More Accurate Scheduling in Microsoft Project

    Tuesday, December 15th 9:30am PT
    First and foremost, Microsoft Project is a scheduling tool. If you feed the software with the right information, Microsoft Project will produce an accurate schedule for the project. If you want to be a proactive project manager, you definitely need an accurate schedule with which to manage the project. However, many project managers fail with the basics of scheduling in Microsoft Project, which results in inaccurate and untrustworty schedule of their projects.

    In this powerful presentation, Dale Howard, a Microsoft Project MVP, will demonstrate a series of common-sense and useful tips that will result in a more accurate and trustworthy schedule in Microsoft Project.

  • Reports and Dashboards with Power BI

    Tuesday, January 19 9:30 am PT
    Protivix, an industry leader in Project and Portfolio Management, will show you how you can address one of the top challenges for both business and IT, Portfolio, Project and Resource Reporting with meaningful Dashboards.

  • Microsoft Project helps simplify an Insurer’s journey to PMO maturity

    Tuesday, February 16th 9:30 PT
    Learn how one of the largest and most innovative insurance companies in the US has partnered with Microsoft and UMT Consulting to better execute on their EPMO maturity roadmap and deliver quality IT projects throughout the organization with better planning and performance.

  • Microsoft Project – Things not to do!

    Tuesday, March 15th 9:30am PT
    It seems like everybody makes the same mistakes using Microsoft Project. But you won’t after attending this fun, informative webcast.

  • Top 3 Success Strategies for the PMO

    Tuesday, April 19th 9:30am PT
    Installing a PPM solution is a great start but unless you produce measureable results quickly, your PMO will not be able to demonstrate ROI. This session is intended to demonstrate the types of measurements that a PMO can put in place to manage their organization’s expectations and introduce positive change.

  • Resource Management with Project 2016

    Tuesday, May 17th 9:30am PT
    An organization’s survival and success relies on two key ingredients to effectively execute toward that end: doing the right projects and doing projects right. The first ingredient requires effective portfolio management. In order to confidently commit to the promises in the portfolio, you have to know if the projects are feasible. Resource Management is the key to understanding the feasibility of a broad portfolio where many resources are shared across many projects.

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